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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night

Shireen Gonzaga at whimbrel at comcast_net wrote:

> For the longest time, I always assumed it was OK to keep CO2
> running for 24 hours. My fish are really important to me, so I'm trying
> to be very careful about this.
> Tom has advised me to increase CO2 to 20-30 ppm only when the
> lights are on, and shut it off at night. I've never tried such high CO2
> dosages before, and I currently can't afford a solenoid. If I left the
> CO2 running at 20-30ppm during the night, could that dosage kill
> my fish? From what I understand, pH swings are not the issue for
> kH's at 3-5 dH. It's the lack of O2.

I've been running my CO2 24/7 for years with no aeration. My tank regularly
reaches levels of 40-50ppm CO2 with no apparent ill effects. I keep various
tetras, barbs, otocinclus, SAEs, and a Raphael catfish.


Dan Dixon

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