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[APD] Re: Rug Gardening


Thanks, Phil,  I didn't mean to come off like a jerk, if I
did.  RUGs work with plants -- there's lots of examples.

Don't worry, you didn't.

I just wondered about whether the nutrient thing.

It's something to think about. Since to tore the tank down I often wonder about the hows and whys of what caused that tank to do what it did.

It's beyond my 'expertise" and I use the term in quotes for
a reason ;-) .

You're just a quotable guy..

Like Roger, or someone like him, said a few months ago,
it's a legitimate method among many for growing plants,
even though we don't hear much about it on APD.

I can understand that, I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been the only real option for filtration and CO2 diffusion. Let me tell you, a 3" gravel bed can diffuse CO2 like nothing else!


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