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[APD] Re: Yet More RUGF talk..


Curious if you used a fiberglass screen over the filter plates to prevent
smaller particles of Flourite from clogging.

Nope, I just washed it really well.

Also did you use a powerhead or a back filter which would feed directly into the riser tube?

I ran a powerhead directly into the riser tube. The head had an attached sponge filter as well. I also had the CO2 line going into the venturi hole of the head.

Sorry, lots of questions--thinking of trying your method on a spare 10 gallon.

That's why were here, to ask and be answered. :)

I think it was Liz Taylor who said "success is the best deodorant" and clearly, to rug
or not to rug, your method is successful!

Thank God, because I stink! :)

Will we be seeing you at the AGA this year?

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