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[APD] Lonely Java Fern.

Hello all,

I have a lonely Java fern in my 20 gal tank it has had lots of little ferns
growing of it which I have now removed an grouped together and planted in
the substrate hoping for it to grow in to bigger plants. Is this the correct
method of doing this or should they have been left on the parent plant?  I
want to add more plants to my tank which will do well in the same conditions
as the Java Fern, anyone have any recommendations for other plants? I have
been told though that if I add any more plants I will need to add some sort
of CO2 fertilization, is this correct?

Philip Alan Thowney
Comyn Ching (Solray) Ltd
phil_thowney at solray.co.uk
Tel - 0207 987 8787

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