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[APD] Re: RFUG's

I have not talked about RFUG's in awhile.

> Scott,
> To answer your question about how effective the RUGF really was in my tank
> all I can say is that the plants grew much better in there than they did in
> the tank I moved them into, which many would say was a "better tank" (more
> light, higher nutrients in solution etc), over the same period of time.

Same substrate?
> I feel the benefit really stemmed from the fact that the only plants in the
> tank were Crypts who appreciated the flow of water into the substrate more
> than most other plants might.

I foun dcrypts to do very well, despite all the talk and _speculative_
comments and assertions that they prefer to root feed etc.

> Regarding whether or not the RUGF was more or less effective than UG cables
> I'm not sure they can really be compared in this case.

They can and have.

> While the concept is
> the same, the flow from the RUGF was many times greater than a cable could
> ever be.

Roughly 20000-30000L/day/m^2 vs around 1-10L/day/m^2 with heat vs
.5L/day/m^2 for plain old diffusion.

> If the aquarium had no RUGF and it was a comparison of a strong
> root system vs. a cable system I would have to say that we'd have something
> to compare.

Done it.

Tom Barr
> See you in Dallas,
> Phil

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