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[APD] Trace mix effects on algae

One more question. I had lots of thread like really gossomer algae a few
months ago. My NH3 was zero and N03 was between 0 and 5ppm. P03 was equally
low and CO2 was in high normal range (mostly). Iron usually .1ppm sometimes
less. I did add fourish trace. I had some powdered trace mix from a local
hydroponics store. Sorry I can't find the percentage of elements right now.
Well I added about 1tsp to the sump and the water turned cloudy and bluish.
I figured this was from the copper. The next day when I arrived home the
tank was clear. Now one strand was remaining. I had twirled and pulled out
large amounts of this stuff and it always grew back quickly often the fish
would have to fight threw it when I left it more than 5 days. Well it has
been several months and it has not comeback. Have had some Bluegreen slime
which we won't talk about<g>. Just wanted to know if anyone else had this
experience. Think it was the copper that killed the algae or??? The only
measured difference was now I would get zero on my seachem Phosphate test
when it was never zero before. I still don't add phosphate although I do add
Nitrate often. Which may be behind the BG algae, oh yeah I said I wasn't
going to talk about it and raise my blood pressure.

Ok now really heading to the mall.

Larry Jones 
ljones at usc_edu

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