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Re: [APD] CO2 question

Small changes are more convenient for some folks and some
do them in hopes that it has less of traumatic impact on
the fish.

I prefer to do larger less frequent changes -- just plain
lazy. If you do small changes often, you tend to move
around more water but change less old water than do rarer
large changes.  One 50% change will change out half the old
water.  With two 25% changes, you move as mouch water but
only change out about 43% of the old water, etc.

You gotta hot tank there as far as lots of fish are

Increased diffusion?  Doesn't the amount of dissolved gas
decrease as the temp rises, other things being equal?

Scott H.

--- Larry Jones <ljones at usc_edu> wrote:
> I have noted that I use a great amount of CO2 during the
> summer. I figured
> it is from the increased diffusion as my house gets very
> hot and the water
> stays around 90F/32C. I wanted to know what other folk do
> during these hot
> months. A chiller is not in my budget nor is moving to a
> place with central
> air<g>. My cardinals don't seem to mind the heat. But a
> large percentage of
> my otos have died I presume from the heat. I have bells
> and whistles. CO2
> with a pH controller. I use RO water but my gravel has
> some shells (I
> know... I didn't notice them until too late) so the KH
> goes from less than
> one in the RO container and stays around 5-6 in my
> aquarium. I usually do
> 25% water chance every 3 days. Ph usually 7.2. It is set
> to range around
> 6.85 to 7.00.  Please don't anyone test me on the
> sigfigs<g>. It is apparent
> that except for in the evening I am unable to keep the
> CO2 in the range I
> like. I suppose I have another question. Do most of you
> using CO2 turn it
> off during the dark cycle? I leave mine on since the pH
> will rise to mid 8's
> close to nine. The fish don't seem stressed, even when I
> have run out of CO2
> and the pH was mid 9's. Well the java fern did turn
> black, and the Rotala
> Mac. Looked sunburned, but the fish were fine (I think).
> It just seems to me
> that pH swings would be stressful.
> And for the newbies out there, every hobby has its own
> jargon and
> vocabulary, learning this is just as much of the hobby as
> becoming adept at
> growing plants and managing water parameters. It is also
> a unifier, like a
> "secret" handshake. LOL goodluck
> About to head to the Mall in blazing Los Angeles
> Larry Jones 
> ljones at usc_edu
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