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[APD] Re: Collecting wild plants

> Should all wild collected plants be treated with bleach or something else or
> is it safe to rinse them off good with tap water?

I've never had issue with soaking in tap water for a few hours, then adding
them to the tank. I think bleach is pretty harsh stuff but some seem to like
it for some reason. Tough plants are okay but wimpy/fine needled plants
/moss etc are no good for bleaching. Having collected plants all over for a
long time now, I see no need nor found any need to do all that.

> Should I be concerned about the effect that they may have on my plants, fish
> or the introduction of algae?

Not if you rinse the plants very well, trim them up etc then let them sit in
tap for a few hours.
> I did a search for this information but it seems that there was a lot of
> different opinions. Since things seem to change with time I thought I would
> ask 
> again to see what the current thinking is on this subject.
> Thanks,
> Bill

Well, I've never had any issues collecting wild plants ever. Seems I've done
it more than most. Nothing bad to report using plain old tap.

Tom Barr

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