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Re: [APD] Re: New moss, mystery moss, christmas moss, Pellia etc..,

--- Stephan Mifsud <valerandi at nextgen_net.mt> wrote:
> We have Pellia as an
> example. Just when everyone was getting used to the name,
> someone decided it was'nt Pellia after all. Now we will
> have
> to use both names until we get used to the new one. Or
> maybe
> we will just use Pellia as the common name..its easy to
> pronounce and common names usually stick. Who knows if
> someone else will put Pellia in a new genus again, and
> again... It has happened.

Tropica used the name under which the plant was sold to it,
pending a definitive ID from experts, a process it follows
whenit acquires new plants and which can take quite some
time.  It's not like pellia has been reclassified; pellia
is still pellia.  It's just that the stuff lots of folks
have been calling pellia was actually something else all
along.  You can have pellia and tenerum at the same time,
you just have to have two diff plants, the two right ones. 
;-)  Like if someone had been calling a fish, say, a Botia
maracanthus a "Cobitis choii," but the choii is still a
choii and mraacanthus is still a clown loach even if
someone had confused the names.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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