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[APD] Weird leaf shape for Vallisneria spiralis

I had a fairly large tank of Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger' growing in my
125 gallon. It had straight, narrow leaves, many reaching 30 inches
long. A few weeks ago I completely tore down and redid this tank. The
Vals largely melted, and the new growth is wider leaves in a loose
corkscrew pattern with crinkled edges. I'd really like to understand if
this is within normal Val variability, or indicative of some problem.
There are no signs of chlorosis or anything obvious like that.

My previous setup had 8-year old undergravel filters which drove the pH
to 7.0 and the nitrates to high levels. My new setup uses topsoil under
sand, has a pH somewhere above 8, and nitrates hover around zero.
There's no added CO2, and lighting for both cases is 4 F25T8s (i.e. 100W
over 125 g).

Any thoughts? If the Val is actually healthy, I don't mind letting it
continue in this new growth pattern.


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