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[APD] Re: GW and vacation and little on nitrogen

Thomas Barr wrote:
> When a healthy well growing plant is supplied with a
> fair amount of NH4 as a nitrogen source(fish/critter
> wastes) and suddenly you stop adding things like
> PO4/K/Traces, the plant growth stops/shuts down.
> So does NH4 uptake.

Sorry, I have to disagree on this theory Thomas. Aquatic plants can store
reserves of nitrogen and will do so quite efficiently. Nutrient uptake is
independent of growth (but not vice versa). In fact, in a well fertilized
tank with automatic CO2 injection, the plants should keep growing fairly
well until the available non-mobile nutrients in solution, such as calcium
or magnesium, are used up.

I've seen green water appear spontaneously in a tank before but usually
accompanied by feeding & harvesting of the majority of fast growing plants.
With heavier feeding of rich foods such as blood worms, BG algae seems to be
the result. Any filament algae present also grows well but it grows best
when there is a surplus of N, it seems.

Steve P

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