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[APD] Re: Shrimp & algae

Scott wrote:
What freshwater shrimp eat algae and what kinds of algae? Do the glass shrimp (I believe the ones I can scoop out of the lake in my yard)
> eat algae?

Caridina japonica (Amano shrimp) - Reaches 2 inches. Will eat softer algae. They are good at eating hair or string algae. They do not like black beard algae.

Macrobrachium sp. (red claw shrimp) - Reaches 2 1/2 inches. These are long arm shrimp that are predatory so they can't be kept with small fish or small shrimp. Supposed to be the best of the long arm shrimp at eating algae. They don't really eat a lot of algae, but they will eat some.

Neocaridina denticulata (Red Cherry Shrimp) - Reaches 1 inch. Eats a wide range of algae. Since they are small you need a fair number to control algae and they can be subject to predation by larger fish.

Neocaridina serrata (BumbleBee shrimp) - Another small shrimp that only reaches 3/4 inch. Will eat a good amount of algae for their size, will also nibble on very soft plants.

Palaemon hendersoni (Rainbow shrimp) - Reaches 2 inches. They don’t eat live plants, will eat a little algae. They are reported to eat brush algae which most critters won't touch.

If you are in the eastern half of the US the shrimp in your back yard are most likely one of the Palaemonetes sp. (ghost, glass or grass shrimp). Although they might nibble on some algae they do not eat enough to make a noticeable difference.

Bill Wells

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