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AGA Aquascaping Contest: 1 Month Left

Hi folks,

This is just a little reminder that if you are interested in entering this 
year's AGA Aquascaping Contest, you have little more than a month left to 
get your entry submitted.  Closing date is September 15th.

With all the talk in the last 2 APDs on everyone's goals, here's a chance
to show the goals in action.  Take 2-5 photos of your aquarium, complete a
small form (possibly adding as much optional information as you want), pay
a $5 entry fee, and you're ready.  You can enter nearly entirely online,
entirely by postal mail, or to any degree in between.

Winners will be announced at the AGA Convention in Dallas (and 
simultaneously online), and there will be ribbons for all placings.  In 
the past 3 years we've also had some cash and merchandise prizes, so I 
suspect this year will be no different.

Further details, and an archive of the last three years' contests, can be 
found at http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org

  - Erik
    showcase organizer & website maintainer

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com