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Dupla sale

In case anyone is interested, Dupla was recently purchased by Red Sea.  The
German plant has closed and all production is now in Israel or India. Red
Sea has an office in the US so Hawaiian Marine will no longer be importing
the products.

As such, Hawaiian Marine is selling all their Dupla products (made in the
German plant) at 40% off.  The phone number is 1-800-993-4346.  Everything
they have was manufactured by Dupla, not Red Sea.

FWIW, in terms of the transformer for heating cables, when I purchased mine,
Hawaiian Marine was actually manufacturing them to Dupla's specs but what
they have now are actually Dupla transformers.

Unfortunately, the price sheet is not on their website, I received it
through the mail but they still have a good selection.

Insert usual disclaimers.  My only tie to Hawaiian Marine is being a happy