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Re: Personal goals

Tom Barr wrote:
> What are your personal goals with a planted tank?

I have a very early memory of my parents totally
overgrown tank (javamoss, crypts) from when I
was 5-6 years old. You could barely look into
the tank, and all kinds of odd fish spawned in it.

When I got university cable internet I started
to surf good looking aquariums and of course
I stumbled over some Takashi Amano tanks. I bought
the books immediately. His tanks made me recollect
the early memories of my parents tanks. "This is how 
tanks should look like", I thought, "I want one
in my livingroom!".

I bought my tank and started asking plant questions
in my local pet-stores. Big mistake. I spent over
a year trying to get ANYTHING to grow without
any luck.

Then I found this list and soon I experienced
good growth and no algae. I have had some
set backs with my current setup like Cyanobacteria
and BBA and bad CO2-reactors (I greatly 
underestimated my fish PO4- and NO3-production) 
but now it looks good and I've already uploaded pictures
to this years showcase.

Now I think I've mastered the nutrients and
growth-aspects (yeah right ;), so now my goal is 
to dive into some serious aquascaping techniques 
and try to test as many design ideas as possible 
before I die. Or, God forbid, get bored.

// Daniel Larsson