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Re:top fin or all-glass?

Gordon L. Mc Lellan III asked about All-Glass tanks:

"> Also I think petsmart had a 150 gallon which measured
> 60x24x24 for $359.
> All-glass does not have a similar tank.

Correct -- The all-Glass 150 gal tank is 72 x 18x28 -- a
nice size for putting one or two pairs of 96 watt PCs on.

> My space and stand are built to hold just about any
> amount of weight (being
> of sound 2x4 construction with direct-load bearing L
> shaped legs.)

Can your floor handle the localized weight without undue
sag or springiness?  With a 150 gal tank you're looking at
a bout a ton of weight spread over about 10-12 square feet
for floor space.  With those conditons, it is often prudent
although not always necessary to provide reinforcement for
wood joists (it's not an issue with concrete slab floors
resting on the earth).  It's important that the tank length
be perpendicular to the joists so that it's weight is
directly borne by as many joists as possible.  The issue
isn't the total live load on the floor but the stress in

> The top of the stand is 60x26, which would be a perfect
> fit for 150 gallon
> top fin, which even with tax would still be less
> expensive than the 120
> all-glass.
> Problem is... I cannot find any information on 'who'
> top-fin is ... they
> seem to closely related to PetSmart , I have heard rumors
> that the actual
> tanks are made by all-glass and sold under petsmarts'
> Top-Fin brand name.

Even if true, it doesn't necessarily mean they use the same
quality glass and degree of quality control.  Have you
talked to All-Glass about this?

> If this is true, then were did the 5 foot long tank come
> from, as there is
> no such beast in All-Glass' catalog.

What a manufacturer makes for another company and label
isn't always an item in their own catalogue.  Whirlpool
makes Kitchenaid refrigerators but not the same models in
the Whirlpool catalogue.  The Whirlpools cost a tad less
but have better shelves, last I looked.

> Additionally, I know All-Glass' 120 is standard glass,
> but I believe I saw a
> sticker on the Top-Fin warning about the bottom being
> tempered glass.
> Although this is not an immediate problem, should I ever
> in the future want
> to get the tank drilled for internal plumbing, it would
> be impossible with a
> tempered glass bottom - I would have to have the back
> pane drilled or
> something.

If it says so, yes.  The tempered glass is used on the
longer and larger tanks because the glass otherwise would
have to be much thicker and therefore much heavier.  At
some point, it's cheaper for a manufacturer to use tempered
than nontempered glass for the bottom panel.
> I know All-Glass makes a good product and has a long
> warranty on their
> tanks, but regardless of who made the tank, neither
> company will come and
> repair a 200+ pound tank on site ... and if it leaks, the
> least of my
> concerns will be getting the tank repaired, as 1300+ lbs
> of water and gravel
> will be forefront!

Yes, the warranty might get you a new plastic frame if one
of them cracked but that's about all it's good for. And
you'd have a hard time getting any compensation for
consequential damages.

I haven't used Topfin but I've used lots of brands over the
years and generally have found that the diffs show up in
the silicone application (messy or neat), the visual
quality of the cut edges of the glass, and the quality of
the glass (how many bubbles in the glass).  Glass can be
made in all kinds of ways with differing strengths but I
think you're more like to get a cracked panel from uneven
loading or misshandling than from possibly cheaper glass
from a firm that's been around for a while.

Examine the Top-fin glass for clarity and imperfections,
any inclusions or bubbles in the glass.  Compare the glass
and frame thickness and quality of the seams and silicone
application.  If you cannot see any diff between the
Top-fin and the All-Glass, I wouldn't be concerned.  It
doesn't mean there are no diffs, but not ones that will
matter. If you do see diffs, then you no "tolerances" were
lower for one.  My bet:  if you do this comparison, neither
will look as nice as an Oceanic, but neither will cost as
much either.  They'll both look about as good at a

Hope that's a bit of help, Good Luck,
Scott H.

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