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RE: C. beckettii submersed inflorescence

My C. beckettii flowers submersed once every three months or so, usually if I neglect the tank for a week or two. I bought mine as C. "undulata" which it looks nothing like but at the time I knew no better. I looked at the inflorescences pictured at http://users.bart.nl/~crypts/ for most common crypts and along with the leaf shape I'm almost certain it is C. beckettii. I have a picture of the developing inflorescence from my tank here http://www.pbase.com/image/8414351
The "classic" leaf shape for C. beckettii is here http://users.bart.nl/~crypts/Gallery/bec/bec_k.jpg
Although I haven't tried it you could try lowerng the water level next time you see an inflorescence developing and try to get it to open properly, maybe even some photos would be good:)

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