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C. beckettii submersed inflorescence

I was doing some tank maintenance today when I noticed
that there was an inflorescence coming up out of my
stand of C. beckettii.  I bought a single plant as C.
"lutea" at a local shop about a year ago.  I'm pretty
sure, though, that my plant is really beckettii.  The
plant itself looks just like the beckettii picture in

The inflorescence itself is 3.5 inches long from the
bottom of the kettle to the top.  The inside of the
limb (which is slightly twisted) is purple.  Some of
the purple color shows through to the outside of the
limb.  The throat is purple near the top and white
further down.  The outside of the kettle and the tube
are white.  I can't see any distinct collar.  

I'm hoping that this will finally allow me to pin down
the ID of this plant.  I'm very surprised this
happened submersed.  Does this sound like beckettii?  

There is also a flowering Barclaya longifolia flower
about to open up in the same tank.  Cool stuff.  

Thanks, Cavan   

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