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Re: Lighting Options for an Open Top Tank

> Just curious, but if you're serious about an open top tank, why aren't
> you considering MH pendants?  That's what I have, and wouldn't use anything
> else.

> Bob Ashcraft

The reason I had not considered MN pendants is the look.  I build the
aquarium stand and the present light enclosure to match the stand.  MH
pendants would not match as well as a hood.

But I am reconsidering this idea, I have been reading about MH's and it
seems that a pendant may be a better way to go.  From me understanding,
the MH bulbs work better in a vertical position than a horizontal
position and I would not need fans to cool the bulbs.

Has anyone matched a newer Icecap 175 MH ballast with a pendant fixture?
I read in the Krib archives that this arrangement was not very reliable,
but it was an older e-mail message.  Any more recent experiences would be


Alex Holeczy (alex at wmi_com)