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re: mystery moss

// Daniel.
> The photos of the mystery moss are very good.
> http://hem.bredband.net/micnor/Mysterymoss.htm
> Fontinalis antipyretica has many varieties and each is a
> different size. Your moss may or may not be a Fontinalis.
> Most varieties of F.a. have a 'keel' in their leaves.
> There are also other aquatic mosses in Europe.
> However to identify the moss one would need a microscope
> since moss identification normally requires a comparison
> the cell form and layout in a leaf with ID keys. Your
> appears to be able to take compound microscope photos. If
> can send a photo of whole leaves and close ups of the
> at various parts throughout the leaf I might be able to id
> the moss. If I  can't, I know a professional Spanish
> bryologist who will.
> The water parameters and light conditions where the moss
> grows naturally will effect its overall structure, and
> mosses grown in aquaria sometimes do not appear the same
> in nature.
> Details of the place where he collected the moss is useful
> information.
> A sample of the moss will also help : )
> regards
> Stephan
> Malta

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