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Re: Lighting Options for an Open Top Tank

On Wednesday 06 August 2003 03:09, Alex wrote:

> Has anyone successfully used compact fluorescence lighting on an open
> top aquarium?

I have 6x55 watt AHSupply brite kits over my 150 gallon tank.  I'm very 
pleased with the results.

The lights are mounted on a rack that rests on top of the aquarium.  About 
2/3 of the top of the tank is open.  I did a more detailed description and 
photo layout in a post to the DIY forum at Aquabotanic.  There are three 
major differences between my setup and what you have currently, other than 
the difference between PC and T8.  First, my lights have good reflectors, 
which I presume your T8's do not.  Second, the bottom of my reflectors are 
only about an inch and a half above the water.  Finally, the light rack 
prevents a lot of light from spilling out of the tank.

Roger Miller