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Lighting Options for an Open Top Tank


Has anyone successfully used compact fluorescence lighting on an open
top aquarium?

I am considering upgrading the lighting on my 75 gallon open top
aquarium.? Currently, my lighting consists of 6 - 32 watt T8 fluorescence
bulbs approximately 10 inches above the water line.? I have not been
pleases with the growth/conditions of the plants in this tank. The only
plants which do well are low light plants like cryptocorynes and anubias.?
When stem plants do grow, they tend to be very leggy and the lower section
of the plants lose their leaves.

I know most people use metal halide lighting for open top tanks, but if I
could successfully use compact fluorescences, it would be a less expensive
and easier option for me.? I could retro-fit my current light enclosure
with 6 - 55 watt compact fluorescence bulbs with reflectors from Aquarium
Hobbyist Supply. This would give me 330 watts of light, only 20 watts less
than 2 - 175 watt metal halide lights.  I am concerned about the amount of
light that actually would reach the plants.? The compact fluorescence may
not be as focused as the metal halide and I may lose to much light between
the light enclosure and the tank due to spillage;).

Do you think I would be disappointed with results of the compact
fluorescences and I should just spring for two 175 watt metal halide

Are there other lighting options I should consider for this tank?