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plant/algae identification - friend or foe update

Thanks so much for the replies on the mystery algae.  I did go back and buy
the driftwood Monday.  Tom, if you don't mind checking it, I'd be happy to
send a sample of it to you.

Considering Karen's experiences growing it, I put it in my daughter's
no-tech 10 gallon.   It has been my experience that plants like java fern
don't do well in my 92 high-tech but grow beautifully in the 10.  I always
assumed it was competition with other plants as well.

Here are a few tidbits I have discovered in the last 2 days.  Do NOT place
this mystery plant with Amano's!   It is amazing how much they can eat in a
very short time. The new cherry shrimp in the tank seemed to be eating it
too but they were too tiny to really tell.  I pulled all of them out
yesterday afternoon.  The only animals left in the tank are a few cardinals,
a couple ottos and 2 dwarf frogs.  Something is still eating it so I'll pull
the ottos today. I haven't seen anything on/near it but something is
definitely enjoying it.  I had also put a tiny little SAE in to quarantine
when I got the cherry's and driftwood so it may be eating on it also but
this thing was so tiny I can't imagine it doing much damage.

FWIW, I have also discovered that you will not necessarily be popular when
you put a "big green thing" in your child's aquarium.  You will be less
popular when you remove her shrimp.  The ottos absence won't be noticed I
hope but if the frogs have to come out, it is going to get ugly around here!
The frogs are her favorites.

Thanks again.