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Re: Low noise fans

Hi all,

Regarding the fan issue, I have found the easiest and most cost effective
method is to use regular brushless fans (from electronics supply) and reduce
the speed using either a fixed resistor or variable resistor to tune the
speed down to your desired noise level. In my line of work we do this to
servers to reduce overall noise in the server room (obviously increasing the
amount of fans to keep same air volume) and I have done the same to my hoods
and works very well. Most of the noise is actually air turbulance unless the
bearings are bad or the fan is out of balance, there are special blade
designs to reduce noise at high speed but they do get expensive. You'd be
surprised how well the cheap fans run if the speed is turned down somewhat,
also reduces any balancing problems the fan may have and lasts much longer.

Giancarlo Podio