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re: PMDD in the UK

Hi Ian and every one else!
I've used "Bio MultiTonic" in the past which contains the following (%)...
B     0.26
Cu     0.031
Mg     5.43
Mn     2.86
Fe     2.06
Mo     0.003
S     8.87
Zn     0.31
It didn't seem to do any harm but I can't get any more. I now use "Murphy
Sequestrene Plant Tonic" which has Fe 3.2% Mg 6% & Mn 3.2% only but seems to
do the trick.
The Sulphate of Potash sounds fine and is probably similar to what I use.
The problem I have with it is getting it to dissolve so I mix in an equal
measure of KCl.
What are CTE05,  TEM50 & SEQ05 and where do you get them?
In fact does anybody have a UK source for traces?

Phil (in the UK)

Ian wrote: -Hi folks,

I?m trying to put together a batch of pmdd in the UK.

I?ve found a few trace mixes, but would like some advice on the best one.
They are:

        CTE05     TEM50     SEQ05
Fe      3.3 %     3.3%      8.3%
Cu      1.7%      0.25%*     -
Mn      1.7%      3.0%*     10.3%*
B       0.88%*     -         -
Zn      0.88%     1.0%*      -
Mo      0.023%*   0.005%*    -
Mg        -       4.2%*     6.6%*

* = not chelated

How do these three look, and will I need to beef them up with anything else?

Also, I?ve been advised that Sulphate of potash is potassium sulphate, and
it is listed as 50% K2O. Will this be suitable?