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mass snail-icide

Hi all--

Like many of you, I have more snails than I'd like.
And I only have the round, brown yucky ones that have
turned my frogbit into living lace-- not an MTS among
them. I've read that Botias are good consumers of
them, but they aren't an option for this tank (it's
teeny). I periodically drop in a lettuce leaf and yank
as many out later that I can, but they're
out-competing my efforts. Yesterday at my LFS I ran
across a bottle of Had-A-Snail, which said it doesn't
hurt plants or fish. Regretfully, I didn't check the
ingredients but wanted to know if anyone here has used
it, what you think, etc. I guess I'm skeptical because
snails are a fairly recurring topic around here and I
thought someone might've mentioned it if it was safe
and effective.  

Thanks in advance!
Erin in Atlanta

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