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RE: Feeding your trust and your fish while away.

If you want someone to come and feed your fish while you're
away and you are not wholly confident that they won't
over/underfeed -- premeasure.

This is easy with flak or pellet food -- jsut use ordinary
paper envelopes and write the feeding day on each one (Mon,
Tue, Wed, etc.)  Anybody can dumpo out a paper envelope --
if you're not sure, then use a small box instead and tell
the helper that the directions are written on the bottom

Frozen food is a bit more difficult, depending on the form
-- i bricks, you can break up into smaller pieces and put a
day's suply in a baggie (label Mon, Tue, etc.).

Fresh live food is the most difficult, unless your fish
take whole live critters for food.  But I don't advise
writing on them (MOn, Tue, etc.) ;-)

Scott H.

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