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RE: Low noise fans -- low profile fans

Douglas Guynn noted, in part:

"Just got a Mouser catalog in the mail. Seems I orders one
fan from them (for
my AV cabinet) 6 months or so ago, and they decided I
needed a catalog."

Yes, that happens.

"There are some really low noise fans in several sizes and
airflows rates, of
both the AC and DC variety, with ball as well as sleeve
bearings. Most are
less than $20. Worth checking out if you're looking to put
a fan in your
hood, or somewhere else."

Not only is the selection very good, a couple hundred or so
fans to choose from, but they publish lots of specs so you
have a much better idea of what you're buying -- is this
fan quiet because it moves very little air?  Is this fan
powerful but then also noisy?

You can make intelligient choices that most fan vendors
don't provide for.

Btw, they are carrying EBM fans again after a year hiatus. 
I'm glad -- I have a half dozen of them -- very well made

Mouser is one of those several electronics parts houses,
along with Newark Electronics (newark.com) that the veteran
engineers and audiophile equipment designers so often
resort to and have done so for decades.  Mouser's a very
good choice for shopping for fans.

Note also that they are carrying the EBM Flatpak impellers!
 These give you some very good options where tubeaxial fans
won't fit your hood design, shape, space.  They tend to be
louder for a given power/size, but they are more energy
efficient.  You can attach one to the roof of your hood and
point it out the rear exhaust opening on your hood, and
well, take a look and think about your options:


I don't have any connection to Mouser other than being a
happy customer.

Scott H.

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