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Re: The Slow Grow Tank (Life out of the Fast lane?)

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> Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 02:56:19 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: Re: Nutrients -- or - Knowing one's nutrient limits
> But once you do a low maintenance, slow grow tank, without
> added CO2, moderate light, moderate ferts or no added ferts
> besides fish food, then you might wonder how you ever did
> without that method -- it's so little work ;-)
> Added CO2 is just one element that a gardener can use for a
> successful planted aquarium -- depending on the gardener's
> goals.
> Scott H.

Is that possible for me, given that I begin with 8.2 pH water?

I love my lush green aquariums with DIY CO2 that I have, but as I look at
the 59 gallon tank sitting bare in the back room, I wonder if maybe I should
begin to investigate plants and fish that will be happy in this water
without CO2 added.... Are there any?

Yes, I know that Chiclids are easy in this area, but they seem so ugly in
those rocky tanks. Can someone help me find info on what could be lush and
green and beautiful in this water without CO2 added.

I know that I'll get a pressurized CO2 system eventually, and maybe this is
the tank that that will be added to. So far I'm planning to get 2 x55 + 2
x36 watts of light built for this odd sized 45 inch tank. I could go higher
(or lower) if I need to, as it is not ordered yet.

Any advice for the still-novice aquarist?

Ann Viverette