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Re: The Slow Grow Tank (Life out of the Fast lane?)

Hi Ann,

 I will try to help you because 8.2 is the pH of my water before I add any 
 I am just a novice trying to learn, here is what I do and I have good growth 
but I am sure it won't be like your CO2 tank.

 First of you might want to get an answer from someone else on the lighting 
but from what I have read you don't want to go to high on it without the 
addition of CO2.

 I add the following - all Seachem products except for my traces which are 
Dupla / Excel / Flourish / K+ / PO4 / NO3 / Fe

 I add the Excel pretty much by the directions and then I try to keep the 
others in Tom Barr's recommended ranges.

 I will tell you I used to use phosphate remover and tried to keep the Fe low 
to combat algae but when I stopped doing that and raised the PO4 and Fe I 
have had better growth and less algae.

 As far as plants I have had good luck with most -- just give them a try and 
see what happens. 


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