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Re: Nutrients

Hi Tom,

 Thanks again for all of your help.

 You said that I should try and use CO2 type advice and methods, that is what 
I needed to know because I read a lot of post and I wasn't sure which ones 
actually applied to my tank.

 The information on growing plants in hard water is also a big help. 

 As far a the peacocks being full grown, they are - I think they would eat 
the shrimp if they had the chance but the s.algae eaters and o-cats are small 
and they swim right in front of the peacocks without any problems.

 I am going to keep running my large tank with Excel for now but I am also 
going to set up a small tank with CO2 to get a feel for it.

 I do have another question for you if you don't mind. Right now my water 
parameters are Ph 7.4 - KH 5 which from looking at the chart should be a CO2 
level of 6. If I add CO2 the lowest I can go with the Ph is 7.2 which with a 5 KH 
would make the CO2 level 9.5. Am I understanding this right, will a CO2 level 
change from 6 to 9.5 make a big difference?


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