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Re: Nutrients

> At this time I really can't switch to CO2 so adding is Excel is 
> the only 
> option I have available to me that I know of.
> I agree that I may be expecting to much from Excel but for now I 
> need to try 
> to use it with all the others nutrients the most effective way I can.
> As far as cost I pay $22 for 2 liters and I use 460ml every four 
> weeks so 
> it's only costing me around $5 each month to use Excel, which 
> doesn't seem that 
> bad.

If cost is an issue (which it is for me), why not try DIY-yeast CO2 
method? I use it in my 55gal (2X2L bottles replenished every 10-14 days 
at staggered intervals), just have an airstone under my fluval 204 
cannister intake, and I get great results. Pearling everyday. Once 
you've used CO2 and seen the results first-hand you'll wonder how you 
did without it in the past.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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