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Re: Green algae

> K, so how do you get rid of the Green hairy forms of algea then?

Same way, blackout. But give it 5-6 days or so. However long the plants can

> I have two forms of algea yet to learn how to get rid of. One is the ever
> common green spot algea on glaswalls and Anubia n' such. I have pretty much
> given up on this one and come to look upon it as part of a normal tank.

Don't, it can be controlled.

> The really pesky ones (to me) are the Green hary ones cause I seem to be
> unable to get rid of 'em even when everything else appears to be in good
> order. So, if you have any input on how to get rid of those (preferably an
> easy way) I'd be greateful to learn about it.

Well I can help you get rid of it. Afterwards ...is up to you.

> Pruning it away is not an option if it can be avoided at all. Riccia and
> Rotala Wallichii for instance can be infested and I know of no other method
> but to throw it all away. An alternative approche would be intresting (and
> appreciated) to read about.
> /Greger

Mini Riccia had some. It was a bit peaked at the end of the blackout but
remember plants can survive long shipments(but not heat).
R wallichii will sprout new growth afterwards.

Once you get rid of the algae, you next need to correct things.
More CO2/Traces/PO4, keep good tabs on NO3.

Prune well and trim old Anubias leaves etc.
I've found Green spot loves low CO2 and no PO4. More traces help.
It also likes light so at lower wattage, say 2 w/gal, the glass often is
cleaner longer.

You can treat specific plants by placing in a bag for a few days, or
covering with a small black plastic bag in the tank.

GS algae can be dealt with through PO4, CO2 and traces.
The hair algae can also be dealt with by using Amano shrimps, Rosey barbs

The routine for the blackout is the same, but try to get as much algae as
you can out first and then do the blackout for several days(4-7).

My algae was growing good when I started this routine. I did not place some
algae from another tank but cultured it in the tank to be treated.

If you add enough Amano shrimp, they will eat all the hair algae everytime.

Tom Barr