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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #230

this is my first time to respond to your comments as I have read may over the years.I may be new to plants under glass,I have been a ponder for 11 years.I own WeatherWood Water Gardens.Many of the plants you tank indeed are bog or marginal plants.And nature has a cure for all things it is called levels.Frog bit,duck weed,azola all are a part of the picture.Getting height and leaf spread is too.I too,believe in less chemicals and more nature.An all of you have 100% more time in tank work but I have had tanks from a kid on maybe not as large or fancy as yours.Now I raise the water plants for ponds and local friends who keep plants and fish.I may not be the best operation like the pretty tanks I have seen but I know in the greenhouses the large tank plants need above shade more than anything.My algae all but vanishes with a few cheap oxygenators at the top of the tanks.Plants love light ,just not as strong as in the greenhouse.The plants used as marginals you use could be changed to lower light marginals.I have two tanks in full sun and very little to no algae.This may not be the point of your tanks you may want to beat the odds and have things both ways and chemicals would do the trick.But for those who want it to work naturally , there is a choice.I have three large greenhouses that run themselves 1/3 is the plants you grow under water.I am not a "expert" I just think there is room for other ideas like the other writer has stated.

Also I have duck weed if you still need some I will give it to you just the shipment cost.If you have fish they will eat it up(it becomes a treat to Koi)
PattiAnn Gordon/WeatherWood Water Gardens Two River,WI
thegordons80 at hotmail_com

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