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All forms of Green hair types

Tom Barr wrote:
> I think blackouts + pruning are the best over all method with very few
> exceptions to get rid of all algae(All forms of Green hair types).

K, so how do you get rid of the Green hairy forms of algea then?
I have two forms of algea yet to learn how to get rid of. One is the ever
common green spot algea on glaswalls and Anubia n' such. I have pretty much
given up on this one and come to look upon it as part of a normal tank.
The really pesky ones (to me) are the Green hary ones cause I seem to be
unable to get rid of 'em even when everything else appears to be in good
order. So, if you have any input on how to get rid of those (preferably an
easy way) I'd be greateful to learn about it.
Pruning it away is not an option if it can be avoided at all. Riccia and
Rotala Wallichii for instance can be infested and I know of no other method
but to throw it all away. An alternative approche would be intresting (and
appreciated) to read about.