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potamogeton species information

Dear All,

I have just returned from a trip to Japan and brought back two kinds of
potamogeton .
One is called "potamogeton gashakoku" ( That is the japanese name mixed
with the latin name I guess.)
And the second one was called "hirohano ebimo". I believe ebimo is the
japanese name for the potamogeton genus. ( transferred from katekana )
If there are any japanese speakers out there , they may be able to help me
with the proper identification. The gashakoku is definitely a native
Japanese plant ( threatened I believe) the next one may be too since it is
called "ebimo". They are beautifull plants with translucent green leaves.

I searched the web for potamogeton information and I found surpisingly
little information or pictures of tanks with potamogeton. So anybody who
can help me out ?
- are these easy or difficult ( may be difficult since there is little info
on the web and you don't see them so much in stores ) ? I have put them in
my medium tech 75 G and they seem to be adjusted now since the first
sideshoots ae appearing .
- any idea of specific parameters , temperatures, sensible to high nitrates
- any references to articles on the web, even for the genus potamogeton in
- can these be considered stem plants or heavy rooters?  I think they act
more as stems but since I only have young small shoots that have been
planted last week it is difficult to judge their root system , growth speed
anything you can tell me about potamogeton, failure/success story?
- any species indentification key for potamogeton available on the web?

Thanks fo any replies

suisoman Dirk