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Sump CO2 help


I'm buying the final components for my new 150 gal plant tank and have 
decided on using the sump system -- more for hiding the equipment than filtration. 
I'm probably going with the Iwaki MD 30RLT (Japanese model) external mount as 
the pump because I have an idea that the CO2 reactor could then be added as a 
"canister" type configuration with bio-balls, etc., for added turbulence, which 
I believe this pump could handle and empty quite easily. 

It seems to my that all the DIY reactors (like I'm building) run with dinky 
little submersible pumps tend to fill with too much CO2 and not generate enough 
turbulence for a long-term mixing. I want all the equipment and hardware out 
of site and intend using an underwater spray bar laid along/under the 
substrate within the tank for return flow. While the RXLT models of Iwaki have a 
higher head and flow rate -- this model should provide enough back pressure to 
empty both a CO2 reactor and UV sterilizer should the need arise. At 540 gal per 
hour, this should still give me plenty of circulation and turn over, no?

Anyone had any experience with this model pump or with what I propose doing. 
The only part I haven't quite worked out yet is the securest connection to the 
CO2 reactor from the CO2 line. With the anticipated pressure within the 
reactor - I don't want any leaks from the connection between the two or water 
forced up the CO2 line.

Thanks for any comments or criticism of my ideas.

Bob Olesen in West Palm Beach

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