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Re: The chilling truth -- motors and energy

Jerry Smith added more.  Thanks for the interest and help,


>  . . .I also began thinking about the total electrical 
> power a
> 1 HP motor draws. 
> Bill is right when he listed many types of motors. I was
> just going to 
> choose one and see what the locked rotor or full load
> amps rating is. That 
> will give the total energy going into the motor. As Bill
> said that energy is 
> partially converted to heat and lost( the label on the
> motor will list the 
> Temperature rise). Most (we hope) is converted to
> rotational energy. I think 
> that even the sound it produces as it runs is a source of
> energy loss even 
> though it is probably an extremely small amount. Can you
> think of any 
> others?

AC motors? I think Power Factor has to be considered
determining the energy ins and outs.
> I am interested now to see what comes of this question.

You mean that now *I'm* satisfied and *you* aren't.  Uh oh.
 We've gone 180 degrees (no pun intended).

Scott H.

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