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Re: Chilling truth

Paul Sears noted the mess and stepped in, so to speak.  He
brought a number of the conversions I and others had found
from various sources.  Although, he did not touch on 1 hp
sometimes being given as 0.21 TR (and 2540 BTUH) and
sometimes as 1 TR (12,000 BTUH)-- surely at least one of
those is wrong or using a the same "word" for different
unit of measure.  Anyway, Paul asked:

> 	Why are we using nineteenth century units in the
> twenty-first
> century????
I don't recall who brought up boiler horse, but it was just
a guess/suggestion on his part any any rate.  The other
nomemclature (watts, hp/ BTUH) is used by aquatic chiller
manufacturers to describe their wares, which appear to have
wildly different energy efficiencies, an important thing
since many of these just gobble watts.  Just try and find a
SEER rating for an aquarium chiller!

As for my conumdrum -- If it takes less than a BTUH to move
a BTUH, where's the entropy? -- I'm suggesting now that the
cooling side BTUHs are an energy input in the system along
with the electrical supply and the heat (condensor coils
and motor heat) comprise the output.  Total energy out is
not greater than energy in.  I confess that my appreciaton
for that symmetry is a bit 19th century, but I suspected
the riddle could be solved without recourse to quantum
physics.  Anyway, I figured somehow it would finally sink
in for me what was going on.

Perhaps I should have seen it this way all along -- blame
that on my aged brain -- although it doesn't quite date
back to 1800s ;-)


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