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RE: Tiger Lotus problems

Keep in mind that Equilibrium adds potassium and iron in addition to
calcium and magnesium.  It could be one of the two former rather than
the latter, the hardness, which you seem to have ruled out through your
test kits (6dGH and 8dKH).

I recall reading somewhere, in these digests or on thekrib.com where the
decaying of old leaves was typically attributed to the lack of
potassium.  Good luck and let us know what works for you.


>My GH is definitely not 1, though.  Last time I tested, it was
somewhere in >the range of 6 dGH, and the dKH is about 8.  Is this
possibly too high? >Right now, all but one of the original large leaves
have fallen off, and >there are only a few small leaves hanging on.
Will try the nutrient route >and see what happens.
>>At the time the GH of my water was around 1. I started adding
Seachem's >>Equilibrium to bring it up to around 4, and this has stopped