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Re: Light

> I made my own hood, and have (2) 10,000K  32 watt T-8 bulbs, which
> are "supposed" to be more powerful than 40 watt T-12's. Is this
> enough light, and if not, what should be my minumum K and wattage
> for a moderate to heavy planted tank?

Might want to add one more T-8.
That's about right for a 55gal.
> 2, What is the best method of preventing "end of tank dump"? I bought
> a 5lb tank, as well as a 2.5lb tank for use during fill time. I had
> heard to check daily on the high side for slowly dropping pressure,
> is this the best way?

You don't need daily, maybe once a week or so.
If you do not have those Ehiem diffusing disc. check valves etc, and you
have a needle valve....... it's not going to be an issue.
> 3, Should the tank be purged completely after disconnecting it when the
> bottle needs to be filled? Or will that happen when the bottle is
> filled? Does it need to be completely empty before filling?>
> My education goes on....

I would purge it personally(Just open the needle valve). But it might not
make a difference to the place doing the refill.

Tom Barr

> Tony C.
> Boston Area