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Added A Pressurized CO2 System

Greetings everyone,

 Well, its been some time now since I have posted, but in the 
last few months, I have learned a few good things with my tank.

 First, when I originally set up my 55 gallon planted tank, I 
added two 2 liter bottles with DIY yeast method CO2. All the 
plants seemed to thrive, but slowly I began getting algae on all 
of the plants and walls of the aquarium, and it quickly became a 
problem that wasn't going to stop. So I decided to stop the DIY 
yeast method (after reading here about how low levels of CO2 can 
help growth, but actually cause heavy blooms of algae)and gave a 
long period of darkness, which eventually got rid of the algae. 
But also with it, my swords and hygo suffered greatly. But they 
held on best they could. I waited to receive my regulator, 
controller and other items I had ordered to set up a nice 
pressurized CO2 system, deciding CO2 really helped and was worth 
the expense. During this time, I went back to normal light cycles, 
and proceeded without CO2 until all of the system was ready, and 
I was educated on the proper use of a pressurized system. 

 Now previously, with the DIY yeast method, all of the plants 
really grew nicely, and each couple days, you could see the new 
growth. I had joked that the Anubia grew so fast, you could actually 
see them reaching upwards. But now, without the CO2, the growth 
was not noticeable at all. I was free of the algae, but they plants
were not shooting up as they had once done. It actually seemed if 
they had just stopped. Over A good month or so of carefully watching
all of the plants, proved that no new root growth, runners or any 
vertical growth had shown on any plant whatsoever.

 So now, after finding a local company who fills CO2 tanks cheap,
as well as professionally,(believe me, I have searched the archives
for all of the messages on safety and am glad I did), I have set up 
the automated system. And after just a short time, already the plants 
seemed to have "perked up" again, and do not look at droopy as they 
had the last month or so. The ph is back to "normal", hardness is 
dropping more, and all seems back to normal, without algae. Im sure 
some will grow, but hopefully, with regular water changes and good maintenance, it will not be a major problem like before. 

 So was using the DIY method worth it to use at first? Yes. It proved 
a point to me that CO2 does work well, and with the proper equipment, much easier and efficiently. Did it cost more? Of course, but in the 
long run, it will be worth it I believe. And beleive me, I did'nt get 
all the equipment at once, I had to budget and get each piece of equipment when I could. Did this forum help? You bet it did! I want to thank everyone for their helpful hints, experiences, education and dedication.

And now, onto my questions:

 1, I made my own hood, and have (2) 10,000K  32 watt T-8 bulbs, which 
    are "supposed" to be more powerful than 40 watt T-12's. Is this
    enough light, and if not, what should be my minumum K and wattage
    for a moderate to heavy planted tank?

 2, What is the best method of preventing "end of tank dump"? I bought 
    a 5lb tank, as well as a 2.5lb tank for use during fill time. I had
    heard to check daily on the high side for slowly dropping pressure, 
    is this the best way?

 3, Should the tank be purged completely after disconnecting it when the
    bottle needs to be filled? Or will that happen when the bottle is      
    filled? Does it need to be completely empty before filling?

My education goes on....

Tony C.
Boston Area 



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