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Re: Added A Pressurized CO2 System

At 05:55 PM 6/5/2003, Tony C. wrote:

 2, What is the best method of preventing "end of tank dump"? I bought
    a 5lb tank, as well as a 2.5lb tank for use during fill time. I had
    heard to check daily on the high side for slowly dropping pressure,
    is this the best way?

See the archives for much, um, discussion of this issue. Consensus seems to be that if there is a needle valve after your regulator, you won't have a problem. Cylinder pressure will stay around 800psi until the tank is nearly empty, go get it filled any time after it starts dropping. Most of us just let the tank suffer without CO2 for the short time it takes us to get a refill, but if you already have the spare cylinder, so much the better.

 3, Should the tank be purged completely after disconnecting it when the
    bottle needs to be filled? Or will that happen when the bottle is
    filled? Does it need to be completely empty before filling?

This depends on the guy refilling your cylinder. Some of them just pump gas in until it "feels" full. Tell them it is for a scientific application and you need to have a precisely filled tank at full capacity.