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RE: CO2, Low Light, Rust


You didn't ask about this aspect of this but I couldn't help commenting.
30 watts of lighting over a 29 gallon tank is IMHO way too little (1.03
w/g).  Go to AH Supply and get one of their 55W kits.  This will give
you 1.89 w/g.  Even though this still seems a little low to me, I would
think it would give your plants a better chance against the algae.
Several will probably chime in with you don't need more light to do this
and that it can be done another way - most likely proper fertilizer
levels and more CO2.  Have you checked your KH and pH with the table?  I
would bet that CO2 is still a little low.

I have tried light levels that low (well actually 1.5 w/g) but never had
any success.  Then again I didn't know what I was doing then (not that I
do now but I am much better at it).  I first switched to CO2 enrichment
then finally gave up and bought the lighting.  Best thing I ever did.
Not that high light is the way, it's balance of light, CO2, and
fertilizers with what's in your tank.  At that point the lighting got me
closer to a good balance.  Then I had to figure out the fertilizers for
this change.  To be honest I am still working that one out.  My plants
don't look great yet, but I have plants that grow and pearl like crazy
and some are doing fairy well.  If you don't want the "grow like crazy"
stay with one 55W.  That's only 1.89 w/g and below the range most here
recommend of 2-3 w/g range.  Well, to avoid starting this up again:  the
generally accepted rule of thumb that may or may not be the best way to
decide on lighting but seems to be not too far off of what you should
do.  How's that for a disclaimer?  Everybody happy?  Well I tried.  :)

AHS's wiring info doesn't show it but it can be wired through the switch
in the Eclipse hood.  The reflector has to be trimmed slightly (~ 1/4"
with straight cutting shears if I remember correctly or go to a sheet
metal shop and have them use a cutting shear) to fit in the plastic
Eclipse light cover but it will not melt the plastic - mine has warped a
little near the bulb receptacle but no problem other than that.  I have
used this setup for over two years now with only an occasional cleaning.
- wipe with damp cloth or paper towel.

Hope this helps.

> Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 07:29:01 -0700
> From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>
> Subject: CO2, Low Light, Rust
> Hi all,
> I recently started adding CO2 to my low light tank - it's a standard
> with an Eclipse 2 hood, meaning 30W of plain-old florescent light. The
> is about 3 years old and was mostly algae-free - a little green spot
> and there.
> Since I've started to add CO2, all sorts of nasty algaes have shown
> including the dreaded BBA. But the worst is an algae that looks like
> which has completely covered the older leaves of my bolbitis, and is
> well on anubias, apon. ulvaceous, willow hygro and Ludwigia repens. It
> to be leaving the sunset hygro alone for now.
> What is it?
> Thanks,
> rachel
> (still battling the BBA in the 72 gallon as well)