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Re: CO2, Low Light, Rust

Hi all,

I recently started adding CO2 to my low light tank - it's a standard 29G with an Eclipse 2 hood, meaning 30W of plain-old florescent light. The tank is about 3 years old and was mostly algae-free - a little green spot here and there.

Since I've started to add CO2, all sorts of nasty algaes have shown up, including the dreaded BBA. But the worst is an algae that looks like rust, which has completely covered the older leaves of my bolbitis, and is growing well on anubias, apon. ulvaceous, willow hygro and Ludwigia repens. It seems to be leaving the sunset hygro alone for now.

What is it?

You need more light. The brownish "rust" mostly likely consists of diatoms, which I've usually only found in tanks with too little light. Provided you are also supplementing the usual nutrients, and are now adding CO2, you are light-limited.

I have successfully modified eclipse hoods over 20 gallon tanks before to use one of AH Supply's 55 watt PCF bulbs. It took some work but the results were well worth it. Have a look at their offerings at http://www.ahsupply.com. After you have upgraded your lighting to more around the 2-3 watt/gallon range you should have much better luck with plants in your tank, and less problems with algae.


(still battling the BBA in the 72 gallon as well)

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