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PMDD shelf-life

I would like to know if there is information on PMDD shelf-life.
In Sears/Conlins paper, it´s said that the shelf-life is unknow, and so it
is on some comments found at The Krib. The only thing found is adding KCl as
an anti-fungus measure, but my concerns are related to the stability of the
solution components.
Does anyone have updated information about?

My guess, based only in visual plant analysis (unfortunately, I have no
means now, in affording Fe and NO3 test kits):
I would say the solution begins to loose its value after about one month of
shelf-life (kept in refrigerator, in a brown-glass). But that´s really only
a guess ?

Thank you

Gustavo Adolfo Lapido Loureiro
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
+55 21 2507 5464

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