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Re: pic's

> Mr. Barr, you've contributed some amazing, valuable information to this
> list (amongst others, and I thank you all for the vast amount of info).
> Is there a site where we may see your handy work?  If not, I would like to
> dedicate some web space to just this list.  If anyone is familiar with
> Gallery (php-based photo gallery), I've been running it on my site for
> some time, and I figure lots of times pictures could help people
> along...anyone interested?

I have new ones from last year with my GH of 24, KH 9 tap water. There was
an "offensive" piece of driftwood in the tank. Another had a backdrop of
wood and foreground of weeds. A number of plants in the wild. TFH had a

I don't have a web site and the jpegs don't work from an old Mac to some of
the web page design templates I've tried. If you wish to host a few, that's
fine with me.   

I'll have another batch coming up if I ever manage to stay around long
enough to get the tanks the way I want. The "Marine planted tank" should be
in good shape in a few weeks.

Tom Barr