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Re: CO2 DIY idea

"Somebody ought to try it. I haven't bothered because it is easier for me to
breathe into a plastic bag and then pump the contents (about 4% CO2) into my

And that works for you? What level of CO2 are you able to keep by doing
that? and how do you pump the contents of the bag into the tanks?

On the original idea with the automated water change, and feeder to drop
sugar and yeast etc.. How will you keep all of this sealed? Will the
automatic feeder need to be contained in the sealed environment or not? I
think we're coming awefully close to re-inventing the wheel here, there is a
point where DIY and finding alternative solutions become more expensive or
not worth the effort compared to the traditional way of doing it. Sounds to
me like this is coming close to being more expensive than a basic CO2 setup
(around $100).

Giancarlo Podio