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Re: The Seachem Flourishes

Now there is Flourish Trace, focusing on trace elements. My question is - If
Flourish Trace focuses on trace elements, then what does the original
Flourish do for you??? Does Flourish Trace focus on a different subset of trace
elements, or is it just a more concentrated version of the original Flourish.?
Personally, I always thought I was adding the original Flourish for the trace
elements it contained. Imagine my surprise when Flourish Trace popped up...

Flourish' main focus is to provide a source of micro and trace organic (vitamins, amino acids) and inorganic (minerals such as iron, boron, zinc, etc, etc.) What we have learned in the subsequent years since we introduced Flourish is that the inorganic components (the minerals) are typically depleted much more rapidly then the organic components. This is attributable to both utilization as well as chemical oxidation and precipitation. That's why we came out with Flourish Iron first; in order to maintain iron with Flourish alone you may need to possibly add Flourish so frequently that the organics can build up to a point where the plants cannot use them rapidly enough. With Flourish Iron one can dose daily or every other day and still dose Flourish once or twice a week and not be concerned that the iron is becoming depleted before it is time to dose again. The same concept applies for Flourish Trace; it can be dosed more frequently than Flourish _if needed_. With Flourish Trace it is a little trickier because you can't test for the trace elements it provides (at least not easily!). So for Flourish Trace we recommend one try it in conjunction with Flourish for a month or two to see if they notice a difference in their plants. If so they should continue to use it, if not, then it may not be necessary as Flourish alone may be providing all that is needed.

I am actually a big fan of Flourish. I currently use Flourish and Flourish
Iron, although sparingly since I am unclear as to how much is actually needed.?
That leads me to rest of my questions. All other things being nominal:

How often should you dose?

When is it better to dose, the light or dark cycle of the tank?

How much to dose (on the high or low side)?

Of course we always recommend to start with our recommended dose, but every tank is different, so a degree of experimentation is necessary if you want to try to find that "just right" dose level. Dosing levels are going to depend on source water, fish load, plant load, light cycle, efficiency of chemical filtration and any biofiltration and other parameters I'm sure I've overlooked ;-)

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