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Re: The Seachem Flourishes

Thank you both Chuck and Dr Morin.  That answers most of my questions, except 
I am still a bit confused about whether to dose on the light or dark cycle of 
the tank.  UV degradation of nutrients (particularly Iron) would likely occur 
rapidly on the light cycle of the tank.  On the dark cycle, this would not be 
an issue.  However, if the plants nutrient uptake is minimal or non-existent 
during the dark cycle, then that wouldn't make sense either.  

More questions:

Due to my parsimonious nature, my bottles are actually years old.  Does 
Flourish have a shelf life?

Does it have to be refridgerated?  I am too scared my Flourish will end up in 
a steak marinade, so I have never chilled them. (Although I too could 
probably benefit from some trace elements)

Are there negative effects to overdosing (besides algae)?

My schedule has caused my level of interest in this hobby to wax and wane.  I 
have recently replanted my 55 Gal tank after months of neglect.  The only 
thing to survive was the Java Fern.  I planted heavily (mostly swords), and I 
have taken to dosing daily with both Flourish and Flourish Iron.  I inject CO2, 
about 30 bubbles a minute.  The substrate is 100% flourite.  

The plants are indeed flourishing (except the anacharis???).  The pearling 
makes the tank look like a glass of champagne.  Light fish population - about 6 
SAEs and a few cherry barbs.  A snail explosion almost a year ago has left the 
water calcium deficient.  I hoping Dr. Morin will come out with Flourish 
Calcium soon.  (just kidding).

Thanks for all the answers and insight.


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